IT salespeople beware customers will now "crawl over contracts"

Further to my earlier blog I thought I would expand a bit on one of the points I made.

The general feeling at last week’s event, co-sponsored by Computer Weekly and Burnt-Oak Partners, about the EDS/BskyB case was that lying is endemic in the IT supplies sector.

Strong words you might think, but words that came from suppliers themselves.

What the EDS/BskyB case ruling will do is open up more avenues for the clients to redress any grievances they have with suppliers later down the line.

If a salesperson has been a little elastic with the truth when the contract was singed the customer will use this against them in the future. Now that there is a case that has ruled in favour of the customer more businesses that are unhappy will go through contracts with a fine tooth comb to find fault.

In the words of Mark Lewis, lawyer at Berwin Leighton Paisner, the fact that EDS was defeated on the grounds of fraudulent misrepresentation is a warning to suppliers.

“Clients will crawl over contracts to find fault if deadlines and targets are missed. The IT supplies industry will have to be careful.” He said before the EDS/BskyB ruling clients and suppliers would usually talk over things if there was a problem and renegotiate but it might be different now.