HP's and EDS's different DNA meant trouble inevitable

More comment in about HP’s failure to make its EDS acquisition work. This time uit comes from T-Systems’ UK head Sam Kingston. Sam used to head up EDS in the UK so knows a thing or two about the company.

This is what he said:

“EDS at its core had good processes, tools and technologies which enabled clients to rely on strong service management and delivery capabilities.  This resulted in a customer first ethos which meant that EDS would never walk away from red projects or complex delivery environments.  HP has a different core DNA and would regard EDS as having too great a focus on customer satisfaction through service excellence.  Therefore HP, like most technology companies, would not understand the investments and returns gained in a service orientated business, hence the dramatic restructuring which took place to drive cost and the associated core competence out of EDS.  In effect, HP through their cost reduction measures, demonstrated they have a firm focus upon technology rather than service.”

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