Video: Nokia Symbian OS is not the problem the UI is... Yep

So, Nokia have come out and said that they realise people don’t like using Symbian. I am very much part of that crowd. I joined the facebook group, followed them on Twitter and stand on various corners in London preaching the end is near.

Sometimes I reach out to commuters on the train. Yeah it’s one of those things!

Me: This weather huh?
Random: Yeah, it’s cold and miserable
Me: What about Nokia’s crap UI?
Random: Yeah, it’s cold and makes me miserable
Me: OMG me too
Both: Hahahahahahah…. Hahahahhahahahah…. HAAAHAAAHAAAAHHAAA
Random: Let’s hug… ?
Me: Ok!

So anyway, I saw this post on Engadget where Nokia admit the interface is not great and will look to improve it in 2010. What they’re showing looks neat and friendly but surely by the time this is released Apple and Google would’ve taken strides forward so Nokia will be behind again.

Don’t get me wrong this looks good but so does tight leather until you try it on.

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