Google Music Search is here! Sort of.

The Official Google Blog has announced Google Music Search, in a clear attempt to grab some of the online audio pie that iTunes and Spotify are so gleefully scoffing.  Early, snarky rumours about the service linked Google with iLike – Facebook’s default music application. With only a handful of tracks available from each artist in its vast catalogue of commercial and unsigned bands, the iLike service has always seemed more like a promotional app than a useful music finding tool – and the prevailing commentary reflected that.
Recently though, iLike was snapped up by MySpace. The once hip social network is putting the brakes on its credibility haemorrhage by refocussing on music – and succeeding.  Other Google Music Search partners include Pandora, the US-only, proto-Spotify music streaming site, and big industry names Sony, EMI, Universal and Warner Bros. Apple and Spotify are absent from the register so far.
The service sees direct links to streaming songs appear at the top of your Google searches for favourite artists.  And even the ones you don’t like. In other cases, you’ll get a link to buy and download a track or three.  It’ll return results for song titles too, or even that one line you can remember from the lyrics. Unfortunately, typing “What’s that song that goes de doo, de doo, de doo doo?” isn’t quite as effective*.
We’d love to be testing Google Music Search right now but, as ever, it’s rolling out across the US first.  This isn’t a surprise given the metric gigatonne of industry honchos that will need wining and dining to clear up all the required copyright and licensing issues.  In the meantime, Google have kindly made a video showing how it will all work. Eventually.

* The answer, of course, is “Yellow” by Coldplay.