The Seven Deadly Sins of the Internet

The Vatican recently fired up a debate about updating the Seven Mortal Sins (pride, envy, gluttony, lust, anger, greed, sloth) for the modern age. I read with interest – and a very great deal of disappointment – that controversial online ad service Phorm has admitted to “over zealous” correcting of its Wikipedia entry. This really does not bode well for Phorm’s chances of shaking off accusations that it is a privacy-invasive service, and one would hope that the responsible individual there is now re-evaluating their likely career prospects.

I’d like to propose “Over zealous editing of Wikipedia” as the first of a new set of Mortal Sins for the Internet, which begs the question about what the others might be. Please submit your suggestions for the other six as comments!

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Suggestions 2) Using PR consultants to bluff your internet skillz on the web 3) Misquoting other qualified and respected technologists 4) Claiming endorsements you haven't got 5) Using someone elses copyright content as the basis for your parasitic marketing plan 6) Assuming customer consent for valueless propositions 7) Running trials of your intrusive, parasitic, valueless proposition without asking customers consent