Grab your Facebook identity before someone else does

I don’t use Facebook much – there’s nothing wrong with it, I suspect I’m just a little too old. My friends aren’t big users, so there seems little reason for me to spend time there. However, thanks to Eversheds I was tipped about their new naming mechanism – the ability to grab a username with a path directly to your account, so that users visiting for example will get to see the page of the leader of the opposition. This is a great idea that is common across other social networking sites, and I’m surprised that Facebook didn’t implement it sooner.

So, on Saturday morning when the facility was switched on, I was one of the allegedly 500,000 individuals who logged in and grabbed a username. Unlike some of the others though, I just stuck with my own one. The Sunday Times reports that cybersquatters have already moved in on some notable names, such as Prince Charles, Downing Street, Girls Aloud (who they?), Rolls-Royce, Waitrose and Morrisons. Quicker off the mark were Buckingham Palace and David Cameron.

Facebook does have policies for closing and recovering accounts, which should give trademarks some degree of protection over their names, but if you think there’s a future on Facebook for you, get over there quick and register your name before someone else does.

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I'm glad I read this, do you remember when facebook changed their privacy settings so that the default choice was 'everyone'? I believe facebook only did that to increase the number of pages visible in search engines and to all their users. I think they did this simply out of greed, because they knew that if more people saw more pages, they would make more money off of the advertisments. And they made this choice without caring for their users current privacy settings. But hey, what can you expect. Facebook is a corporation, and corporations make money. do you guys agree?