Tech In APAC - August 2020

August was another exciting month for the technology industry in Asia-Pacific. In this round-up of our top stories in the region, you can find out more about Zoom’s new datacentre in Singapore, which should be good news for local Zoom users who can expect their video calls and webinars to be smoother as latency improves.

We also had a chance to speak with Chris Chelliah, Oracle’s vice-president for customer strategy, insight and business development in Asia-Pacific, to hear more Oracle’s efforts to go after VMware workloads, following the heels of AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud. While this certainly offers VMware customers more choice over cloud suppliers, it remains to be seen if Oracle’s move will give its rivals a run for their money.

In this Loom video, check out our take on these two stories and more. Please tell is what you think in the comments and have a great week ahead.



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