Keeping organisations in Singapore running during Covid-19

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The onset of Covid-19 and mandatory lockdowns across the globe left organisations with limited time to react. Businesses had to keep delivering quality service to their customers, while simultaneously ensuring that employees are treated with compassion, and given the support they need to stay safe.

Maintaining the safety of workers means businesses must deploy robust and smart solutions to enable new ways of working remotely from the office. Contact centre services also need to be quickly upgraded to avoid disruption to customer service. Members of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) are leveraging the cloud and implementing innovative solutions to help organisations adapt to this new environment.

Helping enterprises move their workspaces online

Communications technology group Singtel is supporting businesses by making it possible to work from anywhere with their Virtual Workspace solution. Powered by Amazon WorkSpaces, employees can securely access their virtual desktop in the cloud at any time and from a variety of devices. This means that even workers without company-assigned laptops can access their work environment securely from a remote location.

This managed solution for enterprises is crucial in enabling flexible work arrangements, especially as work-from-home and social distancing measures to contain the spread of Covid-19 look set to be the norm for the foreseeable future. With the Singapore government’s guidance to work from home as the default option for the foreseeable future, workers can stay productive even from home.

Enabling a remote contact centre

Personalised communication and creating meaningful connections with customers are more critical than ever during this period. However, legacy contact centre deployments are expensive and complex to integrate and might not support call centre agents working from remote locations.

To help contact centres that can no longer operate from a centralised facility, Deloitte built its contact centre capability on Amazon Connect in a week to enable agents to service customer calls regardless of location. This is enabled via a desktop agent and integrated with Salesforce and ServiceNow to enable basic voice recording and capture real-time metrics.

By leveraging its alliance with AWS, Deloitte integrated artificial intelligence (AI) with data and customer interactions as part of its solution offering to help businesses create compelling and intelligent insights.

Driving quality customer experiences

The sudden closures and enforced working from home have caused organisations to re-evaluate the solutions for contact centres, and how employees can continue to deliver quality customer experiences. To help leaders deal with the significant and sudden increase in call volumes, Accenture focused on enabling rapid deployment of contact centres using industry-specific templates and responses to common queries about Covid-19.

To help businesses who need to redeploy existing resources and employees, Accenture will extend its business continuity services to include the setting up of a virtual command centre for customers. Designed to allow businesses to communicate, collaborate and work remotely, the services will be equipped with AWS solutions such as Amazon Chime, Amazon WorkDocs, and Amazon WorkSpaces.

For additional insight into how AWS, our APN partners, and our customers are contributing to the Covid-19 response around the world, please visit the AWS blog and the AWS Covid-19 response website.

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