The joy of texts

The novelty of the text message has worn off for many of us, knowing full well it will either be work asking for more of our time or home asking us to pick up milk on our way back.

Yet, each time that buzz goes off, a little part of us hopes and dreams it may be some happy news heading our way to plant a much needed smile on our faces.

Now, thanks to a new mobile application from developers at the University of Portsmouth, we won’t even have to read the text to discover if the contents are good or bad.

The app works by colour coding your messages as they come in, identifying whether the news is positive (coloured green), negative (coloured red) or neutral (coloured blue).

The researchers behind the app claim if you want to alleviate stress, you can just ignore the red ones and read all the greens to your heart’s content, viewing the world through rose-tinted (or green-tinted) glasses.    

A nifty – if somewhat lazy – idea from the Pompey techies here, but here at Downtime we are quite capable of ignoring our messages without colour coding. Don’t give us even more of an excuse… 

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