Silicon Roundabout to be renamed Silicon Traffic Calming Scheme

New Transport for London (TfL) plans revealed by the Evening Standard have shed light on the future of London’s Silicon Roundabout, heretofore actually less of a roundabout and more of a polluted, congested, six lane cycling death trap.

The new scheme, approved by Boris Johnson as part of a multi-billion pound road improvement plan in the capital, will see one whole side of the roundabout paved over to create a kind of peninsula, a lovely, calming space lined with benches where start-ups can congregate to code under the shade of beautiful London plane trees.

The mayor reckons the scheme will ease traffic flow and make life easier for pedestrians and cyclists.

But amid the architect’s drawings (and why is it, by the way, that everybody in architects’ drawings are always so slim and pleasant looking, it really doesn’t reflect reality in London) and the boasts about nurturing technology and creative talent in East London, what Boris Johnson seems to have failed to consider is the effect on the Silicon Roundabout brand.

Silicon Traffic Calming Scheme just doesn’t have the same ring to Downtime’s ears.