Raabbit in your headlights

Dominic Raab’s resignation from his stint as Brexit secretary will presumably see him evade all accountability for the promises he recently gave the tech industry about the benefits of leaving the European Union, leaving us on tenterhooks over the opportunities he said it “may” create (“if we get it right”).

We now have to fight on without those reassuring words, and pray Raab’s sacrifice will go down in the history books as a crucial yolk in a traitor-free omelette that protects the brave new world he’s never necessarily been able to outline but still has a feeling could maybe fluke its way into reality.

But there’s a reason for our blind faith in Raab; a bond that can’t be broken. It was at a technology conference he did his biggest whoopsie, and for better or worse, whether or not his baseless ifs and ands about the future of our country evaporate into thin air, we have a responsibility for this man. He publicly debased himself on our watch; nervous in the headlights of UK tech journalism’s discerning eyes; a dome of bloviating bravado finally collapsing like melting chocolate under our burning caramel scepticism.

The Dover-Calais gaffe is on us. We may have even caused him abandoning his post and throwing in all sense of duty, dignity or desire to just keep winging it altogether. We are all Dominic Raab.

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