Pirates versus Plumbers

With a childhood spent mostly being a plumber, rescuing a princess from a castle, Downtime has learned a few things. Mostly it has learned that being a plumber and rescuing a princess from a castle can be a lonely experience.
It has now also learned that backing the plumber may have been a mistake, as the soaring popularity of role-playing “Mr Right” games among single, professional Japanese women, would indicate that a man who can fix your taps is not the dream ticket we always assumed it was.
A typical scenario in these “romance sims”, according to Reuters in Tokyo, is that after being saved from kidnapping, you discover you’re the daughter of the prime minister and your life is in imminent danger. You are introduced to a handful of handsome bodyguards and must choose who will protect you 24 hours a day. 
After choosing their knight in shining armour, the player then develops the relationship through choices they make in the storyline.
If the title of one game is anything to go by – Pirates in Love – it would seem nautical scoundrels are very much in vogue in Japan. Other titles include Seduced in the Sleepless City and Be My Princess. 
Downtime is left to assume the Japanese translation of 50 Shades of Grey did not live up to expectations.

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