Met Police take first step in Minority Report implementation

A technology pilot which has seen the use of data analytics technology to help the Met Police predict which London gang members are likely to commit another crime, is being considered by parliamentary watchdogs to predict the next expenses cheats.

Despite the obvious correlation between being in a London gang and the propensity to commit crime the technology can identify individuals and predict their future crimes.

By combining information on different databases the police will be able to arrest people before they commit a crime. Automation software could be used to send messages to the latest Rob Cop to be deployed to administer punishment as a deterrent.

Similarly parliamentary watchdogs are eyeing the technology to help reduce the amount of tax payers’ money being spend in car show rooms, with estate agents, at Fortnum & Mason, or in Habitat. By crunching data from credit card companies, finance firms, and luxury goods suppliers with expenses claims the cheats will be exposed.