MC Hammer - It's deep search time

The former parachute pant-wearing rapper has unveiled WireDoo, his new search engine, which focuses on deep searches and relational topics. 
At the Web 2.0 Summit in San Francisco, MC Hammer explained that whilst other search engines work using links and keywords, they aren’t too hot on connecting keywords to related topics. 
WireDoo, with it’s tagline of “Search once and see what’s related”, is all “about relationships beyond just the keywords,” according to Hammer.  
A Google search does take into account keyword relationships, but, following two years of designing, Hammer is certain WireDoo will prove to be more useful as it focuses on relational searches, bringing up related topics and concerns. 
The question is, can it take on Google, or will it just disappear?
And no, we can’t touch this. Well at least not at the moment because it’s still in beta. See. 

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