Introducing Ukip’s meme team

Somewhere deep in cyber space, a clutch of the internet’s more eccentric alt-right YouTubers have collaborated to join Ukip for a bit of attention, and the dotty old right-wing Eurosceptics have welcomed the lads and their “dank memes” with open arms.

George Harrison once said the formation of his supergroup, the Traveling Wilburys, could never have happened if they had tried to plan it: “The thing happened completely just by magic; just by circumstance. Maybe there was a full moon that night.”

Howling at the lunar landscape in this case was wolf-man Mark Meechan, better known as dog-bothering Count Dankula, who tweeted to say he’d join Ukip if he got 10,000 retweets. Soon enough, Carl Benjamin (known online as Sargon of Akkad) and Paul Joseph Watson (whines about political correctness in front of a map), who we promise are both also grown adults, decided to join in. The band was complete with the late arrival of their very own Bob Dylan-esque wordsmith, Milo Yiannopoulos, along with, we can only hope for Ukip’s sake, a full-time editor.

Just like Roy Orbison wailed, “I’m so tired of being lonely”, these melanin-deprived oddballs arranging sleepovers together to make furious Pepe the Frog memes for Ukip is the endgame they all need and deserve. The Travel-Ban Dangleberries: 0/10.

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