Google yourself to find out if you are guilty of any crimes

“O wad some Power the giftie gie us, to see oursels as ithers see us,” runs the immortal line in Robert Burns’ poem, “To A Louse”, and although that remains true today, those lines were penned before Google was introduced to the world.

Simply by using searching our own names, we can hold up a kind of digital mirror that will give us some kind of idea how the world sees us, or will see us in years to come when future generations can follow our digital fingerprints.  

But this activity can also lead to some shocking discoveries, as it did for one US man engaging in this activity, when he found out that he was wanted for murder.

University of Florida student Zachery Garcia discovered that Polk County Sheriff’s Office had released his photo in connection to a September murder, according to US reports.

One of four teenagers was shot dead during a break in at a home in Davenport, but according to US law, the surviving three were immediately charged with murder.

Unfortunately for Zachery, the Polk County police are a bit dyslexic and the youngster they arrested was Zackery, but the driver’s licence picture issued was of the innocent Zachery.

Garcia said that he was very shocked to find his picture and an article saying that he was convicted of a murder charge.

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