Funkier than a Moskito tweeter

The husband and wife who made hundreds of millions selling Bebo to AOL before buying it back for a relative pittance five years later have spent lockdown planning to relaunch the site (again).

In a rare post presumably from their luxury property on Richard Branson’s Moskito Island, tech entrepreneur Michael Birch took to Twitter to announce what he’s been up to:

“Am relaunching as a social network next month. Have been coding it myself during lockdown. I put a coming soon page up yesterday and it trended on Twitter in Ireland. Hopefully the actual site does nearly as well…”

We thought the whole point of living somewhere like the British Virgin Islands was that pandemic restrictions don’t apply, but with all snorkelling and kayaking apparently out of the question last March, Birch saw no other option but to “get back into coding”.

What kind of role did his fellow Bebo co-founder and wife Xochi Birch play in this decision, we wonder. Well, far be it from us to speculate on a marriage, but perhaps she’d been working hard at keeping their trendier ventures afloat while he pranced around in the background singing I believe in a thing called love, causing her to slam her laptop shut, compose herself and suggest: “Why don’t you try giving Bebo another go if you’re bored?”

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