Drone accidentally announced in Argos catalogue

Technology companies are always coming up with increasingly elaborate ways to announce their new products.

But when drone manufacturer decided to postpone the press event where it would announce its new Mavic 2 Pro drone, it didn’t give Argos enough time to react, and the product along with pictures and all of its specifications were printed in its in-store catalogue.

Apparently the catalogue had already been printed by the time Argos got the news that the launch was delayed.

Some features are still to be revealed, however, so apparently what can be seen in the Argos catalogue is only a taster of what the drone will be capable of.

When the rest of the features or the product’s price will be announced has not been revealed, but we’re not sure how the full launch will top this brave paper-based reveal.

Clearly announcing a new drone cutting edge in technology by printing the announcement in a catalogue is a comment on how heavily we now rely on technology.

Or maybe it was just a mistake, as was claimed.

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