Do you hate your colleagues?

Don’t you just hate the people you work with? Samsung thinks so. It asked 1500 workers what they most hate about their work colleagues.And apparently, given Samsung’s a printer maker, that printer jams get people really peeved ie someone has inconsiderately printed out something, the printer jammed, and they didn’t bother fixing it..

Annoying mobile phone ring tones also featured in the list at number six (23%). And anyone who thinks having a Vindaloo at their desk for lunch better watch out: apparently, eating smelly food in the office annoyed almost one in five workers(19%).

Over one in 10 (12%) get annoyed by colleagues that never offer to make tea or coffee. In contrast, only 4% said that nothing in their office annoyed them.

In our own extensive study, Dowtime, thinks that people who booze at their desk should be banned, unless they offer it around. And it’s really annoying when people talk non-stop about Man U, when you’re a Leeds fan.

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