Bush chucker challenge

A crack squad of Openreach engineers dispatched to investigate a Welsh village’s long-running broadband mystery has managed to pinpoint the unwitting culprits.

“One morning during lockdown, we could hear two men outside talking about signal strength,” recalls retired receptionist Elaine, one half of Britain’s now infamous AC power couple. “We looked out of the window and saw they were BT engineers holding some kind of meter. One of them was pointing at our front door.”

It turns out the quaint Tetley Tea Folk homes across all of Aberhosan were losing connection due to the switching on of a clapped-out 16in Bush television causing electrical interference and tanking the village’s internet every morning.

The engineers, having slept on a field to rise early and traipse around with a spectrum analyser in the torrential rain, instructed Elaine and husband Alun to stop using their ridiculous choice of television immediately, lest they risk an angry mob of home workers with unsynced Box folders burning their house to the ground.

“Our son lives next door and he was having building work done, so we chucked it on his skip,” Alun has assured the people of Aberhosan, seemingly confident enough in their forgiving side to borderline dox himself.

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