Buoy, that’s a gnarly app!

Australian tourist favourite Bondi Beach has taken a bite of the app market by creating a mobile app which tells lifeguards whether there’s a shark nearby.

According to the Telegraph the system of sonar- detecting buoys has been introduced to the area following a wave of shark sightings in the beach areas north of Sydney over the last year.

The shark warning system alerts lifeguards of the likelihood of a finned visitor to the area, in addition to the already existing shark nets, air surveillance and lifeguards.

In the spirit of the film Jaws, officials in the area are trying to ensure swimmers and surfers feel safe in the area, except contrary to the plot of the famous Spielberg film they actually will be.

The system works by detecting whether an object over six feet passes between two of the buoys, which then sends a signal to lifeguards to get everyone out of the water, so far with a 90% success rate.

While the title of this blog has attempted to create a good pun out of the story we couldn’t beat the actual name of the system – Clever Buoy.

Great (white shark…) minds think alike.

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