Laptop Encryption Becoming Standard Issue

Seagate Technology is now shipping hard disk drives with built-in encryption in the latest ASI laptop computers. This technology has been around for some time but it’s a step forward to see it bundled with security management software on a new laptop. No doubt other manufacturers will follow suit. Because full-disk encryption is now becoming a mandatory requirement for all laptops.

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I am a long-time mac user and purchased this computer to replace a recent-generation white MacBook. At first, I wasn't sure if I should get the new MacBook or just replace my white one with the same one I had, but after talking to a few people and reading reviews, I decided it was worth a couple hundred bucks to go for the new one. Happy I did! The new design really is beautiful and feels great. Lovely keyboard and screen. I haven't experienced problems with glare on the super-shiny display as some have, I love the brightness and crispness of it. Best of all is the new track pad technology. I had always used a mouse with my previous laptops as the old trackpads that required clicking with the thumb and dragging with fingers never felt right to me. This is so easy and very intuitive. My only complaint is that sometimes the tapping just stops working. This is sometimes just a few-minutes problem but other times requires a reboot. I remain a happy Apple customer, and recommend this gorgeous new laptop wholeheartedly.