Your last chance to influence government open standards

After the controversy of the early meetings in the government’s consultation on open standards, we’re now down to the last few weeks of what is a hugely important process.

After a slow start, the open source lobby has engaged more fully with the process, so let’s hope this will lead to a more balanced outcome.

There are three more public meetings due to take place, and it’s critical that everyone with an opinion on every side of the debate gets their voice heard – this will define the standards for government IT for years to come.

Four meetings have taken place, and there are three to go, as follows:

Roundtable 5: Levelling the Playing Field in the North West  29 May – Manchester
Aimed at SMEs in the North West.

Roundtable 6: Competition and European Interaction 31 May – London and by phone.
A rerun of Roundtable 1.

Roundtable 7: Open opportunities with community and voluntary services 1 June – phone
This is a teleconference-only session to avoid the need to travel. It is aimed at community and voluntary organisations.

Click here for more details.

Get involved now – this may be your last chance.

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