Will the world end as we know it.... Cern and the big bang theory

There’s a huge amount of computer power being channelled into Cern’s Big Bang experiment, in fact they have created the world’s largest computer grid known as the LHC Computing Grid. You can learn all about Cern and the IT behind the ambitious project from our essential guide for IT professionals about Cern and the Big Bang Theory.

Or you could watch this video from YouTube… if you would prefer a more amusing take.

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It appears that the Media has frightened the people to death with the notion that today the world may end. I had numerous calls over the last 7-days from family and contacts asking what will happen on Wednesday 10th Sept. I told them absolutely nothing. In fact some people who I had considered previously level-headed were literally unhinged about the whole matter.
But the worst part of this media hype is that the collision of protons does not actually happen until October. Therefore in their quest to sell newspapers they have literally conned the people, as today was no more than switching on the electrical systems and testing if protons would travel the 17 miles long system at CERN.

When October comes, the Media will again most likely frighten everyone to death again, just in the quest to sell their goods. Isn't it time therefore that the Media got their facts right and apologized to the people who they have conned - their readers. Indeed one guy had a letter posted in the Guardian stating that it was their last publication. Therefore one has to ask, has the Guardian also lost their marbles ?

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation Charity (WIFC)
Bern, Switzerland
i dont belive any of this is gana happen i really dont and dont depend ur lives on u tube its all a joke
I Am Really Scared.
Are We Still Going To Die?
The safety opposition alleges CERN is misrepresenting the certainty of safety and did not properly address compelling safety rebuttal papers by credible senior scientists including visiting professor of Physics Dr. Otto Rössler and Physics PHD Dr. Rainer Plaga.

Dr. Steven Hawking estimates a 1% chance that micro black holes will be created by the Large Hadron Collider, CERN estimated possible micro black hole creation at one per second, micro black hole evaporation and cosmic ray safety arguments are disputed.

Dr. Rössler (of Chaos theory and Endophysics fame) calculates possible danger, senior Physics PHD Dr. Rainer Plaga (wrote one of the reports refuting CERN's safety conclusions) calculates possible danger, former Nuclear Safety Officer Walter L. Wagner (cosmic ray researcher and California Math champion) calculates possible danger.

To demand a safety conference before high energy collisions begin contact LHCDefense.org

The typical "snouts in the trough" tabloid press, wading in without any remotely accurate scientific information on the subject. It has made them a lot of money and a lot of people frightened.
They should be ashamed of themselves. Even small children in primary schools have been terrified by this disinformation.
Sometimes I think this awful world would be better off in a black hole.
Well said dr.Hill. The media sould be way more responsible first of all regarding their readers. The power of manipulation is in their hand and this power should come with a great deal of responsability.
Everybody's afraid of evolution.
Remember the stories about Galileo's telescope?
Or the story about Stephenson's first steam engine? Everybody accepted the fact that the speed will suffocate everybody inside the train. Now this all seems to be puerile.
The fact remains, that the outcome of every innovation can be used in both ways - constructive and destructive. It's up to the determination of the people who will finance the experiment and who will have the ownership of the endless possibilities of the outcome of whatever this experiment started.
Just take the example of the nuclear power. There are cities powerred with nuclear generated eltricity. But on the other hand of-course, there is Chernobil.
In my oppinion this extraordinary experiment is a steping stone where mankind can prove a level of maturity and handling something tremenduously powerful.
I wish that the team of scientist should discover ways of improving our life, and in the same time, I wish that the people behind this, with the financial power, should use with wisdom whatever will be discovered.
But definitely it's not the end of the world.
Maybe, ... a new beginning.

I am not that scared just confused and interested in that.So, if anyone has some information please write to me or send me an e-mail.

P.S Stay calm
Well I do agree that there has been an over reaction by the media and scaremongering - my flatmate said that his eight -year-old daughter asked when the world was to end on Wednesday at the weekend. However, I do have a rather more optimistic view of life and would prefer it if we didn't fall into a black hole!
i think it is a horrible idea the world will end as we know it.....o well i dont have nothing to lose
Yeah yeah...Arlright so what happend were all still alive...all this is a waste of time. all this did was scare people in to think the world was going to end. whatever.
I am really scared.
i know the scientist's say that the world cant be swallowed up by a big black whole, but what do they know?
weve never done this experiment before so it could happen.
what could go wrong? everything.

if something does go wrong, what would happen?

I think all of this is nonsense and it is not possible to blow up the world with 1 bomb and if it does happen i love you all screw brittany spears!
i am very scared about whats goin to happen are we really goin to die did the tunnel work ? i am only 11 and i am really scared reply to my email adress thanks
i am eagerly to know the result about the big bang theory bcoz if the theory helps us to know how the earth was formed, what are the thing was happen? and i belive our scientist because no one willn't tried to destroy the earth. so don't listen the words in mouth of media people and someother. please belive our scientist give our supoort to them.
Well the day has passed and we just have to wait "But the worst part of this media hype is that the collision of protons does not actually happen until October"
I only have one question. Whats wrong with you people? Do you really buy into all this media news hype. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going to happen. Are you guys actually concerned about this? You're all joking right? You're not all that gullible? You're more likely to get hit by a car crossing a busy street than you are to get killed by a super collider experiment. This is an interesting experiment, but that's all. The news papers would sell a lot fewer newspapers if they told you that nothing was going to happen, so they sensationalize an interesting but mediocre event.
Well, I think I need to come out of the closet due to the upcoming end of the world. I really want to make love to men, and not just regular men. I would like to lay with men who wear their beards short and trimmed along their jaw-lines. I would love to feel the tickle of that beard on the inside of my thigh. I want to be held more than anything, I want a man who smokes cigarettes while he holds my heart in his hands. Love me, oh David, will you? This collision in Europe may be the end of the world, but should it be the end of my love?~
The scientist wouldn't be that dum if they knew the proton experiment would create a black hole and suck us up they wouldn't do it. anyway the chances are 0.9% out of 100 that the planet will blow up so i dont think it will happen. and the main part of the experiment hasn't happened yet it will happen in october so save your clean underwear till october. cause u will shit yourself when they collide the protons together. P.S dont be scared its not gunna make a black hole
One thing that I unfortunately did not state is that this terrible Media hype has caused the suicide of at least one young woman in India who was convinced that the world would end on Wednesday. Her father tried his best but she poisoned herself in the early hours of Wednesday morning. One life is too much. The Media should learn and not have the deaths of any person on their hands. But the question has to be asked, how many actually have taken their lives over this misinformation - unfortunately probably a few hundred at least bringing into the equation people with depressive conditions. I don't think that the Media will be looking into this for sure ! Although, they may look on this as selling even more of their newspapers ! A very sick world we really live in unfortunately.

Dr David Hill
World Innovation Foundation Charity (WIFC)
Bern, Switzerland
Anywway if something gonna happen, it will be at most around the area of the LHC; mainly Switzerland... The rest of the world will not feel anything for sure;
Stephane get back to work!
simple test to see if things at LHC are ok.

Maybe they'll accidentally create a giant stargate (like in Stargate SG-1).

All we'd see is a giant flushy-sideways plume on the Swiss-French border and then poof! We could instantly go to the Pegasus galaxy or something.

Stupid media is manipulating stupid people.
Do not read newspapers, do not watch "the news" and your life will be better.

Nothing is going to happen at CERN.


Amazing how people believe magazines of which it is KNOWN that you can't believe them..

I have to say, here in Belgium there was huge media interest, however all the information was relatively objective and correct.

I don't know in what countries they scared the people that much, but i suppose it would be in the SOLE country where exact sciences have been degraded to a religion, and religion to exact science.... (United Stupidity of America, i believe it's called)
The media mentions the everybody dies scenario quite often but I have to think it is for their own reasons or for giggles maybe.

Do you know ANY PERSON in real life who thinks this science project will swallow the Earth? I know a lot of people these days via friends, work, church, family, poker night, etc.. etc.. and out of these hundreds exactly zero are scared this might happen.

Is this experiment not replicating the conditions in which we know black holes were created in? Why would one NOT worry? What or who gives these scientists the right to decide the gamble is worth the outcome?
I don't mind being sucked into a black hole. We are all going to die someday, it's just a matter of timing. That said, I also believe the destruction of this particular planet and all of its current inhabitants because of the ignorance and recklessness of a handful of scientists would be tragic.

The truth, and virtually none of the scientists disagree:

1. It is possible, some believe likely, that the LHC collisions will generate tiny black holes.

2. While the majority believe that any such black holes would evaporate, there are some scientists who believe otherwise and there are currently no objective observations which prove either THEORY correct. Hence the excitement over the LHC in the first place.

3. If a tiny black hole persisted, and did not evaporate, it would destroy the planet.

This whole "you have a better chance of getting hit by a bus" nonsense is nonsense. If I get hit by a bus the whole planet doesn't go poof. Personaly, I find it much more likely that nothing exciting will happen or that they will simply break their big machine.

BUT...There is an actual chance, however small, that the LHC will destroy the planet. To continue on the current course is reckless beyond measure. Galileo and others challenged accepted beliefs, which is fine and necessary, but none of their experiments threatened the planet.

Every "scientist" who states otherwise is betting the lives of billions and the future of life in this solar system on a few unproven theories. Does that sound rational?
I'm staying in my hole 'til this is all over.
What if the scientists are wrong??? I am scared! I don't want to die because someone else made something dangerous!!!
The idiocy of the human race never ceases to astound me. I wish that were actually a danger from the LHC of a black hole destroying earth. Or at least sucking up the idiots.
Tickling the tigers tail-!

I think it's known as pandoras box.

The unknown might be better left alone.?
Personally, I find it rather refreshing that media effort is being expended toward something other than the typical, inane, drivel that it usually churns out.

The rap video is a nice start.
Why doesn't CERN hire P'Diddy to front the next production? I think it would be great to see something glorified besides hedonism and materialism.
Cosmic rays are charged particles such as protons and atomic nuclei that constantly rain down on Earth's atmosphere.
What the LHC will be doing happens every day in nature.
One hears about "micro black holes" and thinks of the astronomical sort. But black holes are all about gravity, and at the subatomic level gravity is easily overpowered by the other three fundamental forces.

An object's gravitational field after collapsing into a black hole is no greater than before. That's conservation of mass. I don't know exactly how much gravitational force it takes to collapse a nuclear particle, but I do know that there are atomic nuclei in nature containing well over 200 times the mass of a proton that exhibit no world-eating tendencies. A black hole with the mass of a couple of protons doesn't have enough gravity to do anything interesting except evaporate once entropy catches up to it.
It doesn't matter if the world is pulled in a black hole.

not because it hate the world or the people or anything like that but simply because you can't stop it anyway.

If the world ends it will happen might as well enjoy it (preferably with a loved one) watch the sunset as the dark void takes over :)
Just as long as they don't cause a resonance cascade, we'll be fine. Though, I must admit, this is the purest sample we've seen to date....
Charles Hoskins: I only have one question. Whats wrong with you people? Do you really buy into all this media news hype. Nothing, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is going to happen. Are you guys actually concerned about this? You're all joking right? You're not all that gullible? You're more likely to get hit by a car crossing a busy street than you are to get killed by a super collider experiment.

That's quite an alarming statement!

Every year about 1 person in 5000 worldwide dies in a car accident (the equivalent of a daily 9/11, by the way).

And we can assume that if anybody is killed by the supercollider, we all will be killed... unless some of you have been issued with black-hole-proof underwear.

So once 5000 people have read your message, we've crossed your risk threshold and from there it's only a matter of time until KABOOM. Computer Weekly, please take this page offline now! The fate of all humanity is at stake.

hi you can see that in the bible it says that the world will come to a end and it is almost there the world hase that much nuclears that can destroy earth and also this project in the europe people are working on thes so the planet will ens soon as the bible says that the planet will be destroyed. have a good day.
"The unknown might be better left alone?"

People have said the same about all scientific advancement. It's natural to be afraid of the unknown. But it's also human nature to progress, if humanity has any destiny it is to understand the universe or die trying.

That said, there is no chance that the LHC will destroy the planet. Certainly we're trying to glimpse some very powerful forces but keep in mind this is simply a larger version of colliders that have been in service for decades and no dangerous phenomena have ever been observed in proton collisions.

If we want things like clean energy sources and so on, this is the most likely place we will start making significant discoveries. Fundamental particle physics is mankind's best shot at a future.
Well the video is wonderfull.
But the best part is the comments, Kevin you simply made me ROTFL.
Strange how they can find all this money with countries bankrupt, people starving and stock markets crashing.... for what at the end of the day? Who's lost theirs neutrons here? because this definitely isn't a positive in the name of humanities well-being and welfare!
Strange how they can find all this money with countries bankrupt, people starving and stock markets crashing.... for what at the end of the day? Who's lost their neutrons here? because this definitely isn't a positive in the name of humanities well-being and welfare!
Strange how they can find all this money with countries bankrupt, people starving and stock markets crashing.... for what at the end of the day? Who's lost their neutrons here? because this definitely isn't a positive in the name of humanities well-being and welfare!
For all of you bleeding heart types that are whining about how the funds that were used to build the CERN facility could have been redirected to feeding starving people or whatever, I have this to say: get bent.

The research that is taking place at the CERN facility is directly related to the advancement of the 'Standard Model' that we apply to all of our theories about physics, which is very important for the progress of many technologies, including clean and renewable sources of energy. The things that we will discover from the LHC will reshape our understanding of the very fabric of the universe. I think that's well worth the money spent.

Speaking of the money spent, CERN is an organization that is funded by the nations that make up its contributing states, as well as some third-party nations. For the nations that take part in the development and operation of the CERN facility (which the US is a part of) the involved parties use their own sources of funding to cover the costs of the facility. Most of the sources for research funding are private institutions and organizations. In other words, food is being taken from NOBODY'S mouth to keep the CERN facility in operation. They are the same sources that fund research and development in universities around the nation.

The CERN facility received a total of around $1 billion (US dollars) in funding from its constituents last year. That may seem like a huge number, but that won't go very far towards feeding much more than a fraction of a starving nation. The US government contributed $531 million over an 8-year period. That aside, who would you propose giving the money to? Africa? $1 billion wouldn't fix their shit.

Let's see... pay to advance our knowledge of the universe and come one step closer to a unified system of physics, the results of which will be a great influence in technological development and come that much closer to solving world-wide energy needs..., or pay to let a few thousand people sit on their ass this year instead of getting jobs...hmmm....

The economy isn't imploding and the stock market isn't crashing. In direct response to 'stuart,' what countries are bankrupt? An economic slump is far from another Great Depression. CERN's research will have a MUCH longer-lasting impression on the world than contributing its budget to charity. Cleaner sources of energy is an investment in the future.

To boldly go where no man has gone before… !!!
cpt. Picard

I like star trek. I hope it will become a reality in during my lifetime... :)
Listen to me....Ladies and Gentlemen! A large team of seasoned,efficient and practical Scientists are engaged in a gigantic works of their own.The fact is the 86 Nation backed project is TOO BIG and the target is incredibly ambitious! Everything is just enough for media to manufacture a mass hysteria, panic, terror and ...of course circulation [read windfall!]. This media houses should be punished by the legal systems mercilessly looking after the mentally challenged people.

Almost all are horrified. Why? It sounds like the prophecies [recall Nostradamus and blah..blah..blah..].People love spicy fast foods; even if the same is too hot. Thus who (except the logical minds ) doesn't love to grasp "Science"(!) blended with "Superstitions"??? The 3D illustrations, Animated "Big Bang", Destruction of the World [Can u remember the live radio drama based on H.G. Wells story: "War of the World"?].It's just like that.


The media is making money, the hotcake-books on prophecies are on the same way. They are equally guilty for spreading horror and panic. But who are behind them? Who are the real beneficiaries for the total turmoil? Don't the people have diverted their minds from the latest and genuine crisis? When the "Real"[available in this planet] crisis fails to redirect citizens then the politicians indulge supernaturalism under the wrapper of "Science". The blunt reporters [without having even a minimal idea in Physics]"Write" a horrendous column accompanied with terrifying illustrations and people run like insane!!! (Even commit suicide)!!

Read my lips please.

I am 11 years old and i was realy scared about the whole Big Bang thing but here i am at the 8th of December 2008 and nothing has happened.

Everyone who has bin spreading rumors about the world ending thingy well they are just stupid and probably don't have a clue about it

Who ever made this website is discusting because a poor 7 year old girl in spain actually killed her self because she was so scared.

Anyway people there is nothing to be affraid of.