How do HP employees feel about CEO Mark Hurd leaving?

Oracle CEO Larry Ellison might think that HP’s board are “idiots” for forcing his counterpart Mark Hurd to resign from the IT giant, but I wonder how the news was received by HP employees.

In my previous job, two of the stories I wrote that received the most reader comments were about HP staff unrest over plans for a global pay cut, just as it was revealed that Hurd received a multimillion-dollar bonus payment.

You can see the depth of bad feeling in the comments on the stories here and here.

For a lot of HP employees – and in particular those of the former EDS where thousands of job cuts were implemented when HP acquired the outsourcing firm – Hurd was the perfect example of the CEO who was loved by shareholders and hated by many staff.

You can’t deny that Hurd produced a dramatic financial improvement after the controversy of the Carly Fiorina years that preceded him, and his quiet, publicity-shy managerial style has turned HP into the world’s biggest IT supplier, overtaking even IBM.

But I wonder if there won’t have been a few cheers in HP offices around the world from employees who for some time have felt they were little more than a disposable item.

Do you work for HP? What do you think about Hurd’s departure? Post your comments below… 



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as a former hp employee, i am glad to see his quit.
mark hurd is the worst CEO i have worked for. seeinng my colleague worked for HP 8 years but with a merely 2% pay raise, seeing he asked employee for pay cut and SOP termination just 1 month after his 42million bonus, what else i could do except for resign?

i am delighted what i thought about him 1 year ago is correct. HP should had the best way and cash to gain the employee loyalty during the crisis. but Mark hurd just ruined it by his short term cut cost policy, causing lot's of talents decided to quit after crisis. and now obviously HP board has noticed, hope this is not too late for this once great comapny
I am a former employee of hp and it is good thing for HP employee who never got anything never a pat on the back or money in the pocket. HP has turned out to be one of most sick companies you can work for. If you are a house wife want to take care of a kid and don't care about growth or hike. Yes this is the best place. As all the talented people have left or in the process of leaving. I seen this once a great org turn to blood sucking monster who does not spare it own employee forget about its customers.
This is a little late, but I just found the article. I am a current HP employee and when my co-workers and I found out that HP got rid of Hurd we were ecstatic. Hopefully the new CEO will remember the good days of HP (which I have only heard about, I was an EDS employee first) and try to return the company to that status.
As above, I have just read this page. My view, as an ex manager at HP EDS is that many coal face workers were pitted against a bullying, and now proven corrupt management. Hurd is typical of the hypocrite management that would fire an employee for doing a very small part of what he is accused of. At the company, I saw many instances of friends on the payroll, sexual harrassment and expense account fiddling. I saw many managers swilling the most expensive wine on the menu, eating the most exotic food and staying in the best hotels. Then berating the staff who actually were doing the work to keep their expenses to a minimum. Long ago this company ditched any commitment to its employees wellbeing and any real commitment to customer satisfaction. Most of the staff are just doing what they have to do to keep their jobs. They certainly arent working under any misaprehension that hard work will get you anywhere.