Diving with Dolphins in Cambridge - what new technologies are on the horizon

Some interesting new technologies grabbed the eye at the Diving with Dolphins event in Cambridge. Some of them are already in production and being trialled by businesses and organisations, such as a securer way to do online banking and a social networking tool for use between patients and their clinicians.

We did five videos from the companies there and these will feature on the website in the near future – in the meantime here is a taster.

Cronto’s secure banking service is quite clever development in secure online banking. So instead of having tokens to secure the login in the browser, something which Trojan malware bad boys can now infiltrate, Cronto has developed a mobile phone application that can verify the transaction reducing the risk of fraud.

The image processing power of a mobile phone application is used to decode a visual cryptogram. This helps a customer verify the individual transaction and be able to see tha exact details that the back itself has received regarding the transaction. A quick confirm code then authenticates the transaction. It’s being tested in live by Commerz bank in Germany.

A patient-centred social networking site developed by the patients knows best. The secure system sits within the firewall of the NHS IT system. Once a organisation has agreed to run the social network then patients with chronic illnesses can get fast access and medical advice from their care team to help them manage their condition. In future Patients knows best hopes that it will be rolled out so that individual patients can sign upto the network themselves at a cost of £5/month.

Another innovation that caught the eye was the Ratplug from Omniplug Techologies. This is a universal charger for mobile phones that will upload and download media to any mobile phone or USB device, so any videos, photos and podcasts.

While it charges the battery, it uploads your pictures to Facebook or Flickr and downloads videos from YouTube directly to your mobile – without the need to use a computer. It connects to your router via ethernet, wifi or Homeplug (networking over mains cable).

Finally, Emotion AI has developed a way to give gaming characters emotions and personality attributes in real time that respond to external events. The makers say that the technology, which works on a series of algorithyms, will save game makers millions of dollars of development time and money.