Apple's Steve Jobs steals the show by appearing, but no iTablet announcement

Steve Jobs appearance at the Apple event yesterday evening was enough to have Apple fans and shareholders whooping with delight.

The man, so synonymous with Apple’s success, is back and in charge of the company following his liver transplant earlier this year. His presence was enough to make up for some unexciting product announcements, that mainly consisted of new new iPod Nano with inbuilt video camera and an upgrade to iTunes.
If you want more detail on the product announcements then go to Inspect-a-gadget, our gadget blog that covered the event live. 

There was no announcement of the iTablet, the much vaunted Apple touchscreen computer that is sure to debut sometime soon.

But its good to see Steve Jobs back – the tech world needs figures like him and so, at the moment anyway, do Apple’s investors, according to analysts.

Barclays Capital analyst Ben Reitzes wrote in a research note to clients: “We believe it is positive that Jobs is healthy and enthusiastic enough to lead Apple, which is an important element of the short- and long-term investment cases for Apple.”

So Jobs is back and when will he announce that damn iTablet? Bets are on for a November announcement…