Apollo 11 anniversary competition winner

Many many congrats to Alec Palmer an IT Manager for Keppie Architects, who has won our Apollo 11 Luna-tic quiz.

As far as Alec’s love for space and Apollo 11 he said:

I have always been an Apollo mission buff ever since getting interested in the 60’s when I was a teenager and remember vividly watching the Moon landing on TV.”

Alec’s prize a replica model of the Apollo 11 space shuttle. 

He told us that despite tough trading in the construction industry his IT team are working hard to maximise their existing set-up and prepare for the road ahead. Keppie Architects has six offices across the UK at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Inverness, Belfast and Manchester and employs 205 staff.

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What was the answer to question number 5?

The question asked "The past and the present: Can you name the man above?" but the two halves of the picture were two different men; The left half was a young Neil Armstrong and the right was a present day Buzz Aldrin.