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  • Darwin and Us

    Ian White 26 Jan 2009
  • It's not the strongest that will survive in these straightened times but those most responsive to change. So how can you tell if you're resisting change? The signs are: Complaining Gossiping Over- ...

  • What's in a name?

    Ian White 26 Jan 2009
  • Fred the Shred, Doug the Thug and Jimmy the Shiv are nicknames for tough guys. Their monicker gives them a caché - a reputation for being 'ard. They often have metoric careers in business and ...

  • Gordon's Digital Industry Initiative # 6 - Talent

    Michael Pincher 21 Jan 2009
  • The PM's desire to invest in Digital Industries means finding people with the talents to run them. Following the short-lived 'Government of all the Talents' initiative, exceptional ability seems to ...

  • Gordon's Digital Industry Initiative # 5 - Collaboration

    Michael Pincher 20 Jan 2009
  • Sharing information and ideas among partners, suppliers and customers can help increase sales, create opportunities, improve customer service and decrease costs. It can also be messy - sometimes ...

  • Self-sufficiency leads to decline

    Michael Pincher 19 Jan 2009
  • Historically, and this goes back to the Romans, self-sufficiency leads to decline. Being able to support yourself, noble though that seems, is not a social advancement but a step backwards leading ...

  • Lotusphere from outside the bubble

    Ian White 18 Jan 2009
  • It is good to see the gathering of the clans once more, even though I am no longer a part of it. I shall watch proceedings from afar, by courtesy of the Blogsphere of course.It will be interesting ...

  • Gordon's Digital Industry Initiative # 4 - Skills

    Michael Pincher 16 Jan 2009
  • Whatever the investment in digital industries proposed by the Government, a key factor to making any initiative successfull will be collaboration skills. These are not technical, nor managerial, ...

  • Schindlers lifts

    Ian White 15 Jan 2009
  • Yes, I know its an old joke but I have just experienced a new class of lift and I just HAVE to share this. I am sitting in a new office complex just outside Brussels where jumping into a lift from ...

  • Gordon's Digital Industry Initiative # 3 Jobs

    Michael Pincher 15 Jan 2009
  • Delving a bit deeper into the Prime Minister's Digital Industry initiative and trying to find out how it will turn into business and jobs, the Government is focusing its attention on the following ...

  • That's a great question

    Ian White 14 Jan 2009
  • No it isn't !I hate it when politicians and business leaders start response after response to interview questions with that expression. It inevitably means 'that's a great question but I am going ...

  • YouTube in the Groove

    Ian White 13 Jan 2009
  • Last night was focussed on some great cc:Mail recollections as a small Band of Brothers gathered in the Swan Inn in Staines to celebrate the first mass usage email system, the man who invented it, ...

  • Lotusphere MYA

    Ian White 12 Jan 2009
  • I have been a regular at Lotusphere every year since it began (and cc:Mail Interchange before that). This week the excitement is brewing in Lotus circles with less than a week to go the Orlando ...

  • Swarm Mentality

    Michael Pincher 12 Jan 2009
  • The BBC's programme on the natural world's swarm mentality (SWARMS) shows us one thing about the ability to survive - collaborate. The simple rule is forgo individual interests for that of the ...

  • Gordon's Digital Industry Initiative # 2 Mobile Marketing

    Michael Pincher 08 Jan 2009
  • The mobile phone has become the main means of voice and digital service communication. With 3G services enabling fast transfer of wireless data, mobile marketing is meeting its potential and is ...

  • Gordon's Digital Industry Initiative # 1 Digital Instincts

    Michael Pincher 07 Jan 2009
  • Three questions come out of the Prime Minister's Digital Initiative. 1) What is the viability of the digital sector in these straightened times? 2) Will the Government be suggesting new tax ...