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  • Goodbye to Goodwill

    Ian White 11 Mar 2009
  • Blogged as an FYI to anyone with a SME enterprise the're trying to sell, I was talking to Big Ben, a fella in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). He told me that, while not much is going on ...

  • One mouth - Two ears

    Ian White 10 Mar 2009
  • There's an art to being a good listener. Few people have it. Many organisations profess to listen to their customers. By looking at the biggest one of all - government - it is often lip-service not ...

  • Grow Your Own Air!

    Ian White 10 Mar 2009
  • If your organisation suffers from sick-office-syndrome pass this link on to Facilities -it's all about the right mix of plants for generating refreshing, healthy air - claims to improve ...

  • Collaboration and HR

    Ian White 09 Mar 2009
  • If 2008 was the break-through year for social computing technologies, has their success created the potential for a new approach to collaboration. If so how will social computing will influence ...

  • It's not personal - it's tribal

    Ian White 07 Mar 2009
  • I have never really fit in. Always been the wrong colour, class or creed. I've only just realised why. It's not personal but a tribal thing. Last night I sat through an amusing review by ...

  • You'll bounce back

    Ian White 03 Mar 2009
  • People keep saying to me that I'll bounce back since I was bounced out of my last my job. Sometimes, like Tigger without Duracell, it seems there's no bounce left. So why do some people bounce back ...

  • From the Gulag to T3 Hell

    Michael Pincher 02 Mar 2009
  • Over the last few weeks I have had the dubious pleasure of travelling from the UK through the last vestige of BA in Terminal 1 - a veritable gulag for the unfortunates who have to travel or work in ...

  • You can't bank on that

    Ian White 27 Feb 2009
  • The banks it seems have just pulled of the most successful begging letter scam in history. It puts West African hustlers in the shade. Is it the first corporate collaborative heist? Did an email ...

  • Time Management - the modern land enclosure

    Ian White 26 Feb 2009
  • Home Working is on the agenda again. While telecommuting, ticks all the right boxes re: cost saving and green practice etc., it remains controversial. Employers concerns include worrying if the ...

  • Surprise, surprise

    Michael Pincher 25 Feb 2009
  • Powitaninia od Polski (or Greetings from Poland). Warsaw is a great Capital City, Since the fall of Communism Warsaw has modernised, the food is very international and the hotels are very ...

  • Support and Maintenance

    Ian White 24 Feb 2009
  • The danger of buying old low-mileage cars is believing one is getting a bargain only to find that, because the vehicle never reached its servicing mileage, stuff that should have been changed ...

  • Death and Taxonomy

    Ian White 23 Feb 2009
  • I've just given some advice to an environmental charity on how it can focus it's efforts through these tough times by developing its collaboration and knowledge management practices. In any ...

  • Legacy Infrastructure

    Michael Pincher 22 Feb 2009
  • There is nothing like a train journey to help focus thoughts. On Friday I and my better half took the local train to Ventimiglia inj order to enjoy its famous market. After the 50th bag stall ...

  • Collaborative Bias

    Michael Pincher 20 Feb 2009
  • I have been drummed out of the 'Scouts'. Well the collaborative equivalent of it, for some time this blog had been aggregated as part of owner of the site felt I had been overly ...

  • Copper-Bottomed Nonsense

    Ian White 20 Feb 2009
  • The propensity for UK civil servants to gold-plate EU legislation is legendary. Regulation that the eurocrats pass down is given several costs of looking at and then double coated to wrap us in ...