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  • Like for Like

    Ian White 26 Mar 2010
  • I was talking with someone from FAST (Federation Against Software Theft). She asked what other sector could sell you products that don't work as specified, promise a path of productivity ...

  • Taxing Widows & Orphans

    Ian White 23 Mar 2010
  • The Digital Economy Bill going through Parliament will legislate that Orphan works are protected by copyright (i.e.stuff where the rights holder cannot be identified -- 40% of the British Libray ...

  • Look the world right in the Pixel

    Ian White 03 Mar 2010
  • "Walk tall. Walk straight. Look the world right in the eye", used to be a catchphrase. Now, such is the march of the digital age, that there's a course advertised on face-to-face communication ...

  • One mouth and two ears in equal proportion

    Ian White 19 Feb 2010
  • Went to an event last night of a prospective political candidate. The organiser, who was a farmer, phoned her up and said '"let's postpone there's going to be snow." "No!" she said, "It will be ...

  • Chatroulette

    Ian White 18 Feb 2010
  • I spent half an hour last night on Chatroulette (NSFW Not suitable/safe for work). You click a play button and are quickly connected to a random person also on-line (video and sound enabled). ...