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  • What is the Danish for Schadenfreude ?

    Ian White 10 Dec 2008
  • Schadenfruede, well maybe its not really the feeling I have right now, but 'deja vu' is much less exciting as a headline!You do have to admire IT Factory, most of it went bankrupt in 2001 as a ...

  • Circle of Hell or Terrace of Purgatory

    Ian White 09 Dec 2008
  • I have four two hour conference calls today. I can't help wondering if this represents one of the circles of hell (if so which one) or maybe some of the terraces of purgatory. Working for big ...

  • Planning recovery # Tip 1 Review your I.P.

    Michael Pincher 09 Dec 2008
  • In exploring the idea that business recovery may come from accidental sources rather than planned promotions, the first place to look for the seeds or shoots of recovery is amongst the intellectual ...

  • Beware the Hungry Months

    Michael Pincher 08 Dec 2008
  • The hungry months in many areas of the world were, and sadly still are, the time when food from the last harvest was in short supply with nothing from new plantings yet available. This recession ...

  • Commitments - A recessionary warning

    Ian White 08 Dec 2008
  • In these financially challenging times the need to 'close the deal' has never been more pressing. My antenna is picking up stories of business partners over reaching themselves both in terms of ...

  • Where's the back-up when you need it?

    Michael Pincher 06 Dec 2008
  • The IT industry, the armed forces and most yachtsmen I know have back-up systems -- even my rock band does. From redundancy to disaster recovery our industry has laboured long and hard to ensure ...

  • Recession-proof website # Tip 9 Review

    Michael Pincher 05 Dec 2008
  • Here's a quick review of the tips I've blogged about this week on recession-proofing your web site. If you have any others please let me know and I'll put them up as an addendum. Importantly, get ...

  • Recession-proof website # Tip 8 Audit your ISP

    Michael Pincher 04 Dec 2008
  • What is noticeable through the economic gloom is the speed at which businesses go bust. If internet bandwidth is your arterial system, keep a weather eye on your ISP and hosting company. If their ...

  • Recession-proof website # Tip 7 Keep it Short & Simple

    Michael Pincher 03 Dec 2008
  • Is your web site easy to understand. I've been researching a number of companies that all do the same thing - not that you'd know it from the guff on their websites - their main differentiator was ...

  • Recession-proof website # Tip 6 Optimise

    Michael Pincher 02 Dec 2008
  • There are two steps to help optimise your recession-proof website: Firstly, read your web logs and analytics. Each click is an action by a real person and possible customer - learn what they do on ...

  • Recession-proof website # Tip 5 Cliché Control

    Michael Pincher 01 Dec 2008
  • The jazz trumpeter Chet Baker never played a cliché. I'm an average guitarist and play them all the time. What characterises a cliche is its trite connotation. It's when you know how a musical ...

  • Iberia Customer Service: Oxymoron

    Ian White 30 Nov 2008
  • I have travelled with Spain's flag carrier on a number of journey's recently and I have to say I am not impressed. Yes I am out the 'back' but paying a 'Y' class full fare is not cheap.Practically ...

  • Recession-proof website # Tip 4 Damage Control

    Michael Pincher 28 Nov 2008
  • It's time to do some damage control. Ensure you have a recession web marketing strategy that meets short-term objectives and portrays life as it now is and doesn't communicate hocum about good ...

  • Recession-proof website # Tip 3 Assess External Factors

    Michael Pincher 27 Nov 2008
  • Does your business sector lead or lag a recession cycle? For example, I.T. is usually hit early as it's an easy budget to cut by stopping projects. If your firm was around in past recessions, how ...

  • Who is Ray Ozzie?

    Ian White 26 Nov 2008
  • As I travel around Europe extolling the value and benefits of collaboration, I find occasionally that the importance of Ray Ozzie in the Microsoft mx is not well understood. Today, as I pass (once ...