Wot a mesh you got me into!

thumb_chapman_pincher.gifAre Self-Organizing Neighborhood Wireless Mesh Networks the next biggish thing? – Well I live in a town with the most number of retired vicars, priests and ministers in the UK – a statistical fact. From where I’m sitting I can “see” the wireless network of the Baptist, Methodist, Anglican and Catholic Churches. Now, the Baptists don’t talk to the Catholics who don’t talk to the…. etcetera .etcetera. However, the area is a flood zone so we are trying to ‘mesh’ the area so if waters of biblical proportions descend like last year we’ve better communication in place. Just shows you how a bit of enlightened self-interest breaks down barriers.

A recent study found that Internet use in communities’ increased social interaction between neighbors, built up a community support structure, and improved the general well being of community residents. Community mesh networks facilitate communications and information sharing locally.

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