What is good collaboration #2

thumb_white.gifGoals, shmoals – that’s simply not enough!

OK, so you’ve got a goal, a strategy and a team, but can it be effective? The number of people in a team truly influences your ability to deliver a positive outcome. So where does it start and where does it stop?

Research has shown that the minimum size for a team is five, the maximum is aroubd 150 but any number in between does not necessarily work. In a previous posting I reffered to the Dunbar Number, now is about time you should read up on it because there is crucial information regarding the dead spot that occurs around 10-25 and more on how the effectiveness tails off at 150.

Interestingly the smallest military unit in most armies is a ‘fireteam’ and typically consists of 5 soldiers.

Now ask yourself this question, is my team the right size, can I break it down into more effective units. Why? Because you will improve relationships, keep the unit focussed on the goal and not overwhelm the team with what up to 150 people might think is important.

You may be a pacifist or somewhere to the right of Ghengis Khan, but you cannot doubt the the military have be organising themselves effectively for a long time now – something us civvy types can learn from

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