What a difference a day makes

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for thumb_chapman_pincher.gifI play in a ‘covers band’ called Senior Service. We’ve just come back from a gig at weekend party for a toff bird’s 21st. The morning after the night before I walked around the stage clearing up after an excellent Saturday night thrash. I found; 3 Iphones, 2 ipods and 4 digital cameras. I know we are a good act and drive people into a frenzy but dropping that much digital detritus looked more like carelessness than hysteria.

The ‘youff’ that made up the main throng of the party guests were pretty well-healed – and I say were, because some of them – work or worked for Lehman Brothers  and lost at least two of the items above. On the Sunday morning they were pretty hung-over and not particularly grateful at getting their kit back.

I link these two because of the carelessness that connects them both. Lehman Brothers described itself as “an innovator in global finance, that serves the financial needs of corporations, governments, institutional clients, and high net worth individuals.” A lot of this innovation seems to have been done by people seemingly careless with stuff – others or their own.



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I dunno. Michael, perhaps your being unnecessarily harsh. An iPod now is not what you call a show-stopper in terms of money for the reasonably well off (as 'Toff' suggests) and they probably change em once a year. Digital cameras - unless they're SLR's - probably the same. Perhaps in terms of their disposable income, this is the same as us buying a couple of extra rounds (£50?) when were pissed ? Remember the cc:Mail event in Brighton? So yeah. Careless. But what I've found in my limited time dealing with the Super Rich (Mr White included!) is that they are incredibly focused on not being stupid with small things. The Landed Gentry even more so - where they display a 'frugal McNasty' approach to spending. Lehman was indeed a car wreck, but I suspect not the fault of the top tottie at your event. More the sleeping dinosaurs at the top, and their poisoned property portfolio. Lets not leap to conclusions based on the front and back office crew just yet, eh ? ;-) ---* Bill