New Job - end of Day 1 and no sign of Darth Vader

thumb_white.gifSince announcing my employment at Microsoft I have had a couple of ‘gone over to the dark side’ comments. 

Well the only Vader like wheezing I heard today was from me (I am sort of asthmatic)  – no death grips and no signs of Imperial Storm Troopers or Padawan learners!
This sort of reaction comes from me joining a business that polarises peoples opinions in a similar manner to many other large corporates (for similar or different reasons) and there is nothing I can do about that. 
What I can say is that it is nice to join an organisation where I hear genuine laughter, I can meet up with old friends and continue on the path (although one in a different direction) of promoting Collaboration.
I don’t intend to post any more on this change to my life, I am right now trying to work out what the financial meltdown means for our collaborative initiatives, good and bad – it seems to me to be more important.

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