Lehman Bros: The case FOR collaboration

thumb_white.gifHaving made the case against collaboration yesterday it seems a bit churlish not to look at what effective collaboration could have done to mitigate the large pile of poo that the banking system (and the rest of us) finds itself it in at present.

We all know that when it comes to individuals (especially the middle classes), banks make strenuous efforts to analyse risk. If we look slightly iffy from a financial perspective then wild horses worn’t make them lend to us. So why did that not happen in the investment banking sector.
I don’t have first hand knowledge so admittedly I am only speculating however I suspect that the ‘wise’ heads inside banks did not get the warning messages through to the ‘rain makers’ and the prospect of mega bonuses took the place of sound risk analysis.
We all should hope that the use of the new generation of collaborative portals that have the ability to hook all relevant parts of organisations (banking or otherwise)  together will be become the norm. Access to the right knowledge, know-how and proven experience is extraordinarily hard in large enterprises. Collaborative technology offers the prospect of improved decision making in all types of organisations.
Information coming from un-trusted sources could be filtered and treated as rumour, whereas the same information coming from trusted sources would have a degree of validity. This would allow an overall weighting of content which at present is hard to achieve.
As I said in my last post about training, the ‘ when and what collaborative technology should be used for’ is much more important than the how to use features of the applications. 
If we don’t grasp initiative this from the top down then I am afraid history will be revisited and all the technology in the world won’t stop the same mistakes being made.