I've been mashed!

thumb_white.gifLate last spring I went to the 25th Anniversary of Lotus Development in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I did a bit of touristy stuff and with camera in hand I had a chance to capture some half decent images of Boston and Cambridge. With little thought (and I don’t do it regularly) I uploaded the images to Flickr.

Because of the pervasiveness of Flickr and thanks to my good friend Carl Tyler my geographic inaccuracies were corrected. Two weeks ago I was contacted by Schmap an ancillary Flickr Web 2.0 site. These guys are creating tourist guides by combining Flikr and Google/Yahoo maps and decided to use one of my images as an illustration of Back Bay in Boston.

Apart from having my ego massaged as bit, this has struck me as a great example of both the power both of collaboration and of Web 2.0. Like many other sites Schmap is harnessing people, knowledge and technology in an innovative and useful way. This weeks news of Microsoft‘s take-over approach for Yahoo and last weeks announcements by IBM in their own way illuminate the way that people and enterprises must look at weaving existing and emerging technologies together to be innovative solutions