Collaborative Bias

thumb_white.gifI have been drummed out of the ‘Scouts’. Well the collaborative equivalent of it, for some time this blog had been aggregated as part of

The owner of the site felt I had been overly critical of Lotus, however in my defence I have always had a jaundiced eye towards the way the IBM runs the brand but my recent employment by Microsoft has, I suspect tipped the balance.

It was a bit sad not being given any ‘notice to quit’, but it was their game and they simply took the ball away, c’est la vie

Like everything else it started me considering some of the consequences of these type of communities. These sort of public open, heavily aligned sites (similar lists have been on Usenet for years) are great to feel the pulse of the central topic, connect with like minded souls and generally get information, but without critical input they can become self-delusional if only politically acceptable views are acceptable, I would argue there has to be room for the ‘not we’s’..

I suspect there is the equivalent of planetgroupwise somewhere on the net and I would guess according to them everything in the garden is rosy and the world is there oyster.

It sort of reminds me of Zaphod Beelbebox’s peril sensitive sunglasses.