I spent half an hour last night on Chatroulette

(NSFW Not suitable/safe for work). You click a play button and are quickly connected to a random person also on-line (video and sound enabled). During these session, each last a few seconds. I saw snap shots of people drinking, having sex and striking some delightful poses in crazy outfits. In short there were lots of people clearly experimenting with this ‘phenomon’.

Rather than have people disconnect when they saw an ‘old timer’ I held my dog in front of the camera – a cute terrier puppy. This attracted slightly more attention and even some exchanges of text. A bizarre moment occurred when one of the 113K people connected at the time looked a little like my daughter (in Vietnam) and called out the dog’s name but I blinked and she was gone.

In short, Chatroulette is pretty crude right now but I’ve got that sneaking feeling that in maturity it might just have something going for it.