Another world, another time

thumb_white.gifA long time ago in a galaxy far away…. (yes I am reading too much SF on holiday) Ray Ozzie invented Notes, then he invented Groove and now (we believe) he may be re-inventing Microsoft.

Last week Ray and Steve Balmer shared a platform together in-front of an assemblage of Microsoft MVPs.10 years ago this would have been heresy, it would have been like Luke Skywalker being related to Darth Vader – whoops he was, my error, too much sun.

One of the key questions asked was ‘wither Sharepoint and Groove?’ Considering Groove was purchased more than three years ago now by MS it seems a bit slow to sort out both its tactical and strategic direction for the acquired software. Commentaries seem to point to Office 14 as the key point in the synergy of these two products so for now Groove will remain an excellent but narrow team enablement tool and Sharepoint will continue to have limited off-line capabilities.

I reckon once together they could be quite formidable.

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