Open source: a remedy for IT recession

Recession, job cuts, IT budgets slashed…surely now’s the time to think smart, and use free or open source products to drive through new IT projects? For certain applications, I think open source is a viable alternative to commercial software. It’s not very good as a replacement for Windows and MS Office, because end users generally don’t like change, and I believe enterprise support for Linux desktop is much more expensive than Windows.

But on the server side, where we don’t have to worry about end users, why not use open source products? Open source products exist for almost every niche in business software. However, many people, even senior IT directors and managers, seem to associate open source with Linux. Some believe the open source products lag behind commercial software. Open source is a way of deferring payment for a software product until it is actually deployed. You can build a proof of concept, show the business case…you only need to pay when you need enterprise support.

Given the budget pressures we all face, surely now is the time to consider using open source alternatives?