Microsoft embeds Bing's data centre admin into System Center 2012

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Brad Silver is the Microsoft senior vice president in charge of the company’s System Center management tool family. In a blog post today he said that while a business would typically have one IT admin for every 30-40 servers, “When we look at the Microsoft datacenters that host our cloud services (Bing, Windows Update, Hotmail, Windows Azure) we see a ratio of one employee to four or five thousand servers.”

He says Microsoft has taken its experience of managing these large data centres, and applied what it learnt, to improve System Center 2012, which is now available as an RC1 download. In the blog he adds, “Cloud computing is the combination of great virtualisation and great management capabilities. With the right management, customers can transform their IT infrastructure into services the business can use to quickly and reliably deliver the all-important business applications from the cloud.”
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