Home working alert

A couple of weeks ago I received a telephone call at home claiming to be from the Windows Support team. The lady on the phone asked me if my PC was running slow (which it was!) and put me through to a tech lead.

“How did you get my number,” I asked.

The tech support man said he worked for a company that had been approved by Microsoft to provide customer support. He then asked me to open the Windows Event Viewer. “Your PC has been infected,” he said, when I told me what the Event Log was showing.

I guessed his next question would be to ask me to grant him remote access to the PC….The penny dropped. Ah this is a phishing scam. Had I agreed, the caller would probably have been able to install rogue software on my PC.

Okay so he very nearly got me. Lesson learnt.

But it is worrying how easy we can be tricked. And with more of us using our own computers for work, there is a very real risk that hackers will target us at home claiming they are tech support.