Cloud resilience means dual network routing

I recently met a CIO who believes there will be only five main cloud providers –  IBM, HP, Microsoft, SAP and Oracle. I personally think there will be a few more mega-cloud providers. But cloud is at the top of the Gartner hype cycle. Every day I get calls from people pitching the latest cloud idea.


“What’s the USP,” I ask.


“It does this multi-tenant thing” which sounds very much like the offerings of other cloud providers.


Back to the CIO I met, there are numerous problems the industry is not addressing: things like PCI DSS compliance, data sovereignty, security, trust and what happens if you want to swap providers.


His biggest concern is that the big cost for cloud is the network. Sure you can have cheap access to computational power and storage. But if the cloud application is core to your business you’ll need dual, if not triple network redundancy. This kind of business continuity does not come cheap.