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I am currently the managing editor on Computer Weekly magazine responsible for commissioning, writing and the magazine strategy concerning all matters relating to technology from up-and-coming research and development to systems management challenges and legacy support and maintenance.

I have been writing about these subjects since the early 1990s. I guess there has been many technically great ideas that have come and gone. Yet some concepts seem to haunt us, and never really go away.

Programmers learn never to reinvent the wheel and the IT industry as a whole does appear to take this to the extreme. Black box programming, Corba, object oriented, COM, web services, service oriented architectures…were these really so different, so revolutionary?

I think not. As much as we like to see technological breakthroughs, much of IT is evolutionary. Through this blog I hope to unravel the hype, weed out the fear uncertainty and doubt spun by the massive marketing machinery in the IT industry, and maybe give IT professionals and decision makers an alternative perspective on what’s hot and what’s not.

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