What to expect from HashiConf 2023

The Computer Weekly Developer Network team is off (virtually) to HashiConf Global.

While our presence may be abstracted via cyberspace, the event is also of course staged in person between 10-12 October at the San Francisco Marriott Marquis alongside the virtual half-day event,

First is the idea of operational cloud maturity and how to achieve it using HashiCorp products, notes the company.

According to HashiCorp, “Improved operational cloud maturity enables platform teams to deliver technology and organisational best practices at scale across infrastructure, security, networking and applications.”

Organisations that will explain the various phases of cloud maturity at HashiConf Global include Athenahealth, BlackRock, the California Department of Healthcare Services, Epic Games, EQ Bank, Indeed, PagerDuty, Wayfair and others.

This theme is present in both of the keynotes presented by HashiCorp’s co-founder and CTO Armon Dadgar.

The day 1 keynote will focus on how to use the cloud operating model to achieve operational cloud maturity, with HashiCorp products and there will be a number of product updates announced across the portfolio with a focus on: Terraform, Vault, Consul, Boundary, Nomad and Waypoint.

Dadgar’s day 2 keynote promises to highlight this technology and its processes in action and he will be joined by two users who will share their journeys.

The second theme for this show is focused on enhancements across HashiCorp’s products that are supposed to improve the developer experience while enabling platform teams to put controls in place to manage risk and cost.

In addition to Dadgar’s two keynotes and the lineup of customer speakers, many of HashiCorp’s R&D team will also present. These are the individuals responsible for building these products and managing their roadmaps will be hosting product deep dives and roadmap sessions.

In-person attendee numbers at HashiConf have been intentionally limited, to maintain a community conference feel: 1,500 people on the ground in San Francisco and (what is claimed to be) 10,000+ individuals joining virtually.

“HashiConf is about enabling every practitioner, customer and partner to be successful with its products, with product deep dive sessions being led by the individuals who build these products,” says the company.

In that spirit, HashiCorp Learn Labs and HashiCorp Cloud Certification hub will be set up. At Learn Labs, individuals can go through what’s just been announced in the products to gain hands-on experience with new features.

The HashiCorp Cloud Engineer certification hub is where attendees can get certified across Terraform, Vault and Consul on-site (for free).

The event is featured on Twitter as @HashiConf and the hashtag is #HashiConf for the show.

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