What to expect from Alteryx Inspire 2023 

The (mostly) post-pandemic period of normality we have all been hoping for is underway in the enterprise technology conference space.

We say mostly because a) we now have to deal with the combined effects of infection, inflation and invasion b) a number of vendors are finding the global economic predicament tough in terms of attendee costs at the attendee end i.e. organisations are still holding back on spend-budgets and c) things aren’t quite completely on an even keel still for any number of reasons.

One firm that has solidified its event programme is Alteryx, a company known for its analytics automation platform designed to deliver end-to-end automation of analytics, machine learning and data science processes that accelerate digital initiatives.

Inspire 2023 is Alteryx’s flagship user conference where data experts, key decision makers and innovators in the analytics space come together to learn, share, and explore – so what can we expect?

What to expect?  

The in-person event features keynote announcements, training and certifications, access to technical sessions, a data-driven Grand Prix and Alter.Nation – the company’s user/partner/customer community blog and interactivity portal, now given a physical entity and presence at the show itself to augment the online resources that remain constantly available.

Inspire 2023 will take place at The Venetian Resort Las Vegas, May 22 – 25, 2023. A sister virtual component of Inspire 2023 will also be staged with a livestream of 2023 keynotes as well as select sessions on-demand. 

Speakers at this year’s event include Mark Anderson, CEO of Alteryx; president and chief revenue officer Paula Hansen; chief advocacy officer Olivia Duane Adams; chief product officer Suresh Vittal and others… all of whom will be answering the central question, what is this event really about?

The answer to that question is: Alteryx Inspire is meant to get anyone motivated and encouraged by the value of analytics, whether they’re an AI expert or analytics beginner.

The company has broken its sessions down into three key groups (with training sessions, and product ‘tips and tricks’, as the fourth and fifth cornerstones), ‘stories of innovation’ as a means of showcasing real world use cases to explain how its analytics platform can be applied.

The ‘data & analytics’ best practices sessions are designed to display data and analytics best practices. These sessions are meant to fast-track attendees toward creating a modern data-driven organization, using Alteryx, obviously. The company promotes these initiatives on social using the hashtag #AnalyticsForAll – it’s where Alteryx insists that everyone can have access to ‘transformational’ (as they say in marketing land) analytics that drive business value and optimise profitability.

Thirdly, Alteryx has also incorporated a ‘business transformation’ track to showcase speakers who will focus on technologies designed to deliver, well, umm… yeah, you guessed that part.

“The enterprise of the future relies on all employees, from analytics enthusiasts to data science experts, levelling up their analytic superpowers to be more insightful, see around corners and be more efficient through insight-driven decision-making. Alteryx Inspire 2023 is the ultimate event for anyone wanting to keep pace with the exploding demand to apply analytics to data, and I’m looking forward to showcasing how we are helping to put insights in the hands of the people best equipped to use them,” said Mark Anderson, CEO of Alteryx.

Example sessions

Analytics Democratization vs. Governance: Are they at Odds? Presented by David Sweenor, sr director of product marketing, Alteryx. This session comes with a preview note that asks… as companies embark on their journey to democratize analytics across their organisation, questions of governance often come up, so is the very concept of analytics governance and democratization at odds? 

Analytics for All Employees, Systems & Decisions. Presented by Paula Hansen and Boris Evelson, VP and principal analyst, Forrester Research. The session preview reads: Imagine a day when ALL employees leverage analytics automation within a trusted governance structure to make intelligent decisions, faster – from the day-to-day questions to business-critical issues. 

“Hear from President & CRO Paula Hansen about why an analytics layer is a must-have capability in 2023 and how you can count on us to deliver value with our easy-to-use platform for all employees, all systems and all decisions. Special guest Boris Evelson of Forrester Research will share actionable best practices for integrating insights-driven business capabilities into your everyday business processes,” notes the session programme.

Automation with Alteryx Server APIs by Daniel Hilton in his role as principal solutions architect at Alteryx. Hilton’s presentation notes that Alteryx Server has significantly expanded its available API endpoints, allowing for a new range of programmatic interactions. This session explores what’s new — and what kinds of integrations are possible.

Lastly let’s also note Build Organisational Resilience with Analytics, presented by Steve Brodrick, chief transformation officer at Alteryx. Brodrick says that data and analytics play a crucial role in helping organisations build resilience, but doing so requires more than just technology. He will focus on how to deploy key strategies that will foster a culture of resilience.

The event hashtags are #AlteryxInspire and #AnalyticsForAll

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