What shape is software automation DNA?

Automation is driving software application development architectures, but its shape, form and process is rarely defined with any clarity.

In real terms, we might explain automation’s application within applications (if you will pardon the expression) by pointing to the categorisation, validation and contextualisation of data loads that move in specific directions in light of their relationship with each line of business function.

When and where we can do this, we can automate the next (similarly categorised, validated and contextualised) flow of data that has to move through the total system.

Automation DNA

It is at this point that we can start to ‘automatically discover business processes’ based upon defined and described logic.

This key element is part of what Worksoft is doing with its automation software. The company has now re-architected its core platform for automating cloud-based applications with functions from its partner network and third party mobile solutions in areas such as ALM, defect management and Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD).

“We spent three years completely re-architecting our platform to be more modular and [to support industry[ with mobile, HTML5 web apps, process discovery [and] pre-built optimisations,” said Shoeb Javed, chief technology officer, Worksoft.

The company now claims to span core software testing capabilities and functions in automation for business process discovery, compliance, documentation, risk analysis and robotic process automation (RPA).

Transferable automation

The platform offers what has been called ‘transferable automation’ – so that ‘automatically discovered business processes’ can be used at scale across the business, IT application teams, QA departments and operations.

Worksoft integrations with ALM and defect management software include HP ALM, SAP Solution Manager, IBM RQM, JIRA and ServiceNow.

Support for CI/CD tools include Jenkins, Visual Studio and TeamCity. Integration with open source tools includes SoapUI and Selenium.

Mobile support includes Perfecto and Experitest.

Image source: Worksoft

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