UiPath makes key acquisitions for RPA discovery & process mining

UiPath has been shopping, perhaps unsurprisingly.

The software automation company specialises in the platform-level development of Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technologies. Having been on a rapid growth trajectory in recent months, UiPath probably couldn’t have developed all the new branches of technology that it needed to finesse its platform internally, certainly not immediately.

Among two key acquisitions the firm has announced is StepShot, a provider of Process Documentation software.

Going forward, UiPath will use StepShot to record, document and share processes as well as automate key steps in robot creation in RPA deployments for a spectrum of both well-defined and undefined processes.

“We work closely with customers to build automation strategies – [but] there is still untapped value in making the documentation process into an easier, more effective solution,” said Daniel Dines, UiPath co-founder and CEO.

Dines has claimed that with StepShot functionality now baked into the UiPath platform, that documentation challenge is well tackled. The company will build with this acquisition and its parallel acquisition of ProcessGold (see below) to now introduce the UiPath Explorer product family.

Front-line & back-line ops

Designed to simplify process understanding, the UiPath Explorer family works to identify, document, analyse and prioritise processes, with an ability to understand both front-line and back-line operations through scientific and visual analysis.

Looking more closely at ProcessGold, the company has made its name as a process mining vendor based in the Netherlands.

With this acquisition, UiPath claims to become the first vendor of scale to offer a solution that brings together both process mining and RPA capabilities. CEO Dines says that its all about understanding business processes, identify opportunities for automation – and then measuring the impact of those automations.

“Together with the StepShot acquisition and our organic work in Process Understanding, we can now help our customers have a complete view of their processes, including everything from front-end granular user actions to back-end, higher level transactional steps,” said PD Singh, vice president of AI at UiPath.

ProcessGold offers a development and operations platform for professional process mining that is used to build process intelligence applications for business process improvement.

UiPath says that it will now work closely with its partners to build out process mining at scale with the goal of offering customers the ability to close the loop between Process Understanding and RPA.

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